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It’s very important to understand the different mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials that are essential for a successful aligner treatment and further developments.

There are many reasons to choose teeth straightening. Invisible Aligners will be a better choice for teeth straightening treatment than traditional braces, as they offer more comfort and confidence throughout the treatment. Aligners have more advantages over metal, ceramic or lingual braces. They treat malocclusions, are removable, clear and transparent, gentle on gums and soft tissue.

Taglus materials are excellent options for clear aligners. They offer greater flexibility and strength than most comparable materials available today – and often at a better price. Clear aligner & retainer materials are a new generation of thermoplastics engineered specifically for clear aligners and retainers.

Their material advantages, ease-of-use, and affordability are helping to make Taglus the go-to option for dentists, dental laboratories and aligner companies worldwide.

High Strength and High Flexibility

The ability to provide both high strength (for fracture resistance) and high flexibility (for comfortable tooth movement) is one of the key advantages of the Taglus clear aligner & retainer materials. In many materials, if you increase flexibility you risk losing strength. But Taglus delivers both strength and flexibility at the same time.

More Continuous Force

All clear aligners lose strength over the time that they are worn in the mouth. If the strength at which they push against the teeth starts too low or changes too rapidly, it makes it very difficult to get effective, predictable tooth movement. But Taglus applies a more continuous, effective force over time, helping you achieve more predictable tooth movement.

Ultra-Low Water Absorption

The Taglus clear aligner & retainer materials have ultra-low water absorption – which helps them stay clear and odor free in the mouth.

Easy to Use

Some aligner and retainer materials need to be processed within 15 minutes of removing them from their protective pouches. This is typically due to excess water absorption. If the material absorbs too much water prior to processing, the heat from the thermoforming machine will turn that water into steam. And that steam will create bubbles, which reduce both the clarity and the strength of the final aligner.

With its ultra-low water absorption, Taglus has no 15-minute processing restriction. You can effectively process it at your leisure, and it’s unlikely to form bubbles during processing.

Dual, Protective Lamination

The Taglus clear aligner & retainer materials come with a super-thin, protective lamination on both sides. These protective layers are designed to stay in place throughout the thermoforming process. They help protect the aligner or retainer from absorbing potentially nasty chemicals from the printed models and from dust or other debris that could reduce the clarity of the finished aligner or retainer. They also provide a generally higher level of sanitation to the finished aligner or retainer – some dentists even deliver the aligners or retainers to patients with these protective layers still in place.

Durable and Comfortable

With their unique combination of high strength and high flexibility, clear aligners and retainers made with Taglus materials are both durable (fracture-resistant) and comfortable.

Unique & Patent-Pending

Taglus materials incorporate a variety of proprietary innovations, all designed to help make them perform better as aligner materials. And the Taglus Premium patented worldwide and Taglus Tuff are patent-pending worldwide.

Taglus is this one of the most preferred Aligner and Retainer manufacturer. It is an industry pioneer and has established itself as a distinguished brand as the most preferred thermoplastic aligner and retainer sheet manufacturer. Their material advantages, ease-of-use, and affordability make Taglus the superior choice for clear aligners and retainers, worldwide.


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