Taglus Autoform

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    Taglus Autoform is an all-in-one thermoforming machine operable with round sheets of 125 mm diameter. Taglus Autoform is compatible with sheet thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 5 mm. With its versatile application, it can be used to form Retainers, Aligners, Mouth Guards, Night Guards, Bleaching trays & more. It offers a production speed of up to 120-140 Aligners/hour.


    Forming Height above Film Line (MAX)
    30 mm
    Forming Pressure (MAX)
    4-5 bar
    Heating Power
    750 w
    Forming Tables Driven by
    electric drive
    Total installed Power
    2.5 kw
    Power Supply
    110 v +G 50 Hz
    380 kgs


Dimensions of Taglus Autoform Thermoforming Machine (mm): 1296 H X 1145 L X 690 W

  • properties
    • Heating Capacity : Taglus Autoform’s heating system is specifically calibrated to reach the optimal forming temperatures within seconds. This ensures consistent, high-quality results while protecting the delicate properties of dental plastics.
    • Cycle Time : The time it takes to complete a full thermoforming cycle is crucial for efficient workflows. The Taglus Autoform boasts fast cycle times, allowing you to streamline your production and meet your growing demands with ease.
    • Ease of Use : Taglus Autoform is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and clear instructions, making it suitable for technicians of varying experience levels.
    • Effortless Maintenance : Easy-to-clean surfaces simplify maintenance and cleaning procedures, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene standards.

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