3D Printing Model Resin

3D printing is the best possible way to achieve perfection. It has been used in dentistry since 1988 and has undergone a lot of changes since then. Revolutionizing dentistry digitally, 3D printing ope...Read more


FDA 510 (k)

In the medical device manufacturing industry, it is a big step forward to achieve the FDA 510(k) approval. For Taglus it has been a signific...Read more


Case Studies

Mr. Shiavello from Orthoshop, an Orthodontic laboratory in Australia has always been in search of new materials so that he can offer the bes...Read more


Aligner sheets

It’s very important to understand the different mechanical properties of thermoplastic materials that are essential for a successful align...Read more


Teeth Straightening with Aligners

Are you pleased with your smile? Many adults feel this way, and they wrongly think that the situation cannot be reversed. However, the reali...Read more



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