Taglus Duoform

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    Taglus Duoform is a cutting-edge machine specially designed for Thermoforming of Taglus Arch Sheets. It offers a high-tech thermoforming experience to Dental Practices & Laboratory through its innovative pressure moulding techniques. With its instant heating capacity, easy-to-use interface and compatibility with a 125 mm diameter round sheet, Taglus Duoform gives an efficient, compact and precise option to bring effective Thermoforming results.

    • Working Temperature Reached within 1 Second
    • 4 Bar Forming Pressure
    • Clearly Structured Display
    • Instant Heating with Shortwave Infrared Heaters
    • Acoustically and Optically Assisted Operator Guidance
    • 4.3-inch Touchscreen Display


    110V/ 220V (AC) – 50/60 hz
    750 W
    60 PSi / 4 BAR
    395 mm*390mm*225mm
    15 kgs
    • Heating Capacity : The Taglus Duoform’s heating system is specifically calibrated to reach the optimal forming temperatures within one second. This offers consistent, fast and high-quality results.
    • Digital Display : A clear digital display for temperature, time, and vacuum pressure readings provides real-time feedback, allowing you to control the thermoforming process precisely.
    • Peaceful Experience : Enjoy quiet operation that minimizes disruption in the dental office environment, enhancing patient comfort during procedures.
    • Effortless Maintenance : Easy-to-clean surfaces simplify maintenance and cleaning procedures, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene standards.

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