Taglus Standard

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    Superior material properties and enhanced esthetics

    TAGLUS Standard is a high-performance copolyester product with excellent transparency, chemical resistance and superior processability. The material is a unique engineering combination of elasticity and rigidity in a perfect balance. This is accompanied by superior aesthetics, high optical clarity and stain resistance.

  • properties
    • Light Transmission: According to ASTM D-103, the light transmission percentage is 90%, making it optically clear.
    • Ideal Mechanical Properties: A high Flexural modulus of 304380 psi and impact strength of 105J/m makes Taglus Standard resistant to deformation and cracks over time.
    • Moisture Resistant Dual Protective Masking : Ultra-thin, peel-away masking on both sides ensures that it remains scratch-proof, is moisture resistant, and promotes shelf life.
    • Multifunctional : Taglus Standard can get used as Clear aligners, Retainers, and surgical splints.


  • 1) High Flexural modulus of 2098 MPa to give crack free durable aligners and retainers.
  • 2) Highest Impact strength of 105 J/m Vs all traditional materials available for aligners and retainers, makes it more resistant to deformation and cracks over time.
  • 3) Light transmission percentage at 90% (according to ASTM D-103) making it optically clear.
  • 4) Moisture Resistant Dual Protective Masking makes it scratch, dust resistant and ensures the quality of the aligner/retainer is preserved throughout the thermoforming process as well.

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