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How to choose the right aligner sheet for tooth movement!

As dental experts, most dentists find it difficult to select the best aligner sheets for various malocclusions and necessary tooth movements. Understanding the characteristics and physical properti...Read more


Polyurethane sheets: Biomechanics & Tooth movement

The two main types of aligner sheets prevailing in the dental industry are polyurethane and glycol-incorporated PET sheets. The best aligner...Read more


Taglus Chronicles 2022

Hey, Hope you and your team are doing well. We have many interesting products andnews to help you grow your business. At Taglus, we have alw...Read more


3D Printing Model Resin

3D printing is the best possible way to achieve perfection. It has been used in dentistry since 1988 and has undergone a lot of changes sinc...Read more


FDA 510 (k)

In the medical device manufacturing industry, it is a big step forward to achieve the FDA 510(k) approval. For Taglus it has been a signific...Read more



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