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    TAGLUS Model Resin is a material based on meth (acrylate) resin for DLP with 385 nm/405 nm LED & LCD system for the production of dental models. It is a high-precision & high-accuracy resin with a smooth matte surface finish, perfect for dental model making. The resin has high form and break stability ;& is abrasion , moisture and light resistant.

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    Easy to clean with low viscosity

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    No resin fumes or odor that cause irritation

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    Low Shrinkage

    Greater accuracy with minimal dimensional changes post curing

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    Does not contain solvents and volatile monomers, irritating compounds

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    Hard But tough

    Not brittle,Can bear high impact forces, extreme pressures and high speed drills without breakage

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    Heat Resistant

    Can withstand high temperatures upto

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    Remains unaltered despite multiple handelings and heat/chemical treatments.

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    Cost effective

    Affordable digital dental production solution for labs and practices

  • why taglus tuff

    Properties of taglus Model resin

    • Photopolymer resin that is smooth matte grey finish, enables the technician to work without any strain on the eyes
    • Easily maintains great form
    • No worry of breakage
    • Abrasion, moisture and light resistant
  • why taglus tuff

    Unique Portfolio Of Taglus 3D printing Model resin

    • Hardness- 105 on R Scale
    • Flexural Modulus of Elasticity- 10433KGF/CM²
    • Tensile Strength- 205KGF/CM²
    • Viscosity 300 MPA
  • why taglus tuff

    Uses & Compatiablity of taglus Model resin

    • Crown & Bridge Models
    • Clear Aligner Models
    • Orthodontic Models
    • Diagnostic Models
    • Implant Models
    • Stubs

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