Taglus Chronicles 2022


Hope you and your team are doing well. We have many interesting products and
news to help you grow your business. At Taglus, we have always practiced
“Customer First” approach which motivates us to bring in innovative products and
solutions for you.

Glimpse of Taglus

Assurance of the Best

What’s New!

Marketing Collaterals

Monthly Business Reviews

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Glimpse of Taglus

We are excited to share a virtual  tour of our Taglus Manufacturing facility which is spread across 39000 square feet / 3623 square meter. 

Events & Exhibitions

Taglus is now actively present at  events and exhibitions to reach out to our potential distributors all across the globe. In the last 9 months we have attended 10 exhibitions and partnered with 14 new distributors. This year we will hopefully take our total presence to 100+ countries.   

Assurance of The Best

Quality: To make sure our products are manufactured as per international standards, we have all the necessary Biocompatibility & Mechanical tests performed for our products. Attached is the presentation which consists a range of 60+ cumulative tests performed by Taglus so far and many more to come.

Price: With all the issues that we have faced due the Covid 19 and the recent
Ukraine war where supply chain has been a challenge, logistics was a big concern ,
all this has increased our raw material pricing considerably but we at Taglus have
been thoughtful and will keep our prices constant for the year 2022 and in return all
we except, is a similar commitment from your end in terms of aggressively promoting
Taglus along with us in your country.

What’s New!

Standard Packaging

At Taglus, we have carefully designed our product as per standard packaging norms. Going forward, to make shipping & ordering hassle free, we would accept orders only as per the standard packaging protocol. Click below for New Purchase Order Template

Monthly Business Review Meeting

With Taglus growing globally, we shall have a regular monthly review meeting in the 3rd week to analyse the business growth and promote new products. Kindly share a couple of date slots for the 3rd week of each month as per your availability.

Marketing with Taglus

Taglus will now support you with monthly marketing collateral, for digital platforms to  attract customers. We always follow the “Customer First” approach to grow business. To request marketing collaterals email your Sales representative.

Contact Details

Contact the following for a smooth communication;

Sales sales@taglus.com
Payments & Financeaccounts@taglus.com
Feedback & complaintssupport@taglus.com

We are determined  to end Year 2022 with great success and we wish the same for you as well!



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