Case Studies

  • why taglus tuff

    I have been very happy after the trial of Taglus in my laboratory, so much so that it will now be offered to all our customers for retainers. All aligner cases will also be manufactured using Taglus aligner material. Overall, the new Taglus aligner/retainer material has my approval and will be definitely used in my laboratory.”

    – Mr. Joe Schiavello, Orthoshop, Australia

    Mr. Shiavello from Orthoshop, an Orthodontic laboratory in Australia has always been in search of new materials so that he can offer the best and most efficient product to his customers. He has used the Taglus materials for fabricating aligners and retainers. The qualities of Taglus premium and Taglus tuff have superseded his expectations. According to him, the most exciting qualities are:


    It is the most transparent material in the market.


    It is an ideal combination of flexibility and elasticity for aligners and retainers.


    Highly durable and very high impact strength when compared with other similar products.


    Amazingly easy to trim and finish. It takes much less time in comparison with other similar commercially available products. Finishing the final product is much easier with the rubber polishing discs and buffs, saving the laboratory time and money.


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